Proper Nutrition is Linked to Preschool Success

March 2023

We’ve all heard the saying that kids grow overnight – and while this may feel like an over-exaggeration, it’s not far from the truth! Preschoolers especially grow at an incredible pace. Did you know that 90% of brain growth occurs before kindergarten? And it turns out that a healthy diet is vital in promoting healthy brain growth for your little one.

But let’s be honest; we’ve all been guilty of skipping breakfast or grabbing a sugary latte in a rush to start our day. But for preschoolers, hunger can be a considerable distraction, leading to a lack of focus and irritability. So it’s essential to ensure your child starts the day with a well-balanced breakfast and stays hydrated to set them off on the right track for a successful day. Growing brains need a little extra support – that’s where nutrient-dense foods like fish, oats, leafy greens and eggs come in to provide the necessary nutrients for your preschooler’s brain to develop correctly!

We all know that sugary or high-fat foods can make us feel sluggish; the same goes for preschoolers. If they fill up on junk food, they may not have room for the nutrient-dense foods their brain and body need. A yummy selection of their favorite fruits is a great way to go – a smoothie, fruit popsicle, or the standard fruit salad are all wonderful options. Your little one’s brain will thank you later!

Not only does a proper diet help your preschooler’s brain and body develop properly, but it can also help boost their immune system. With so many germs floating around, a healthy diet can help your child stay healthy and fight those pesky bugs. Chef Jamel at Kids World takes pride in cooking delicious and nutritious meals and snacks for your child every day at no extra cost to you! He caters to allergies and sensitivities, so you can rest easy knowing your child is happy, energized, and ready to learn. Visit our website to learn more today!


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