That Keep Your Family Healthy

Preschool & Child Care Center Serving Statesboro, GA

Frequent Handwashing To Minimize Spread Of Germs

Whether they’re transitioning from an activity or about to eat lunch, your child participates in frequent handwashing protocols to keep everyone safe. They learn proper hand hygiene and health thanks to sanitizers, single-use paper towels, and anti-microbial soap always available.

Onsite Temperature Checks Catch Any Signs & Symptoms

That’s right! – All staff, children, and parents undergo daily temperature checks before entering the facilities to ensure everyone’s health and safety. Anyone showing signs or symptoms of COVID-19 immediately leaves the premises to minimize the risk of spread.

Socially-Distanced Pick-Ups & Drop-Offs Minimize Contact

Whenever you’re picking up or dropping off your tot, enjoy peace of mind knowing families stay 6 feet apart at all times. Minimizing the risk of contact between families is a surefire way you and your child maintain tip-top health.

Small Class Sizes Prevent Exposure

The fewer people your child comes into contact with lowers the potential risk of contracting any viruses, which is why your child learns, plays, and eats throughout their days of learning in consistent, small classes.

Air Purifiers & Sanitization Measures For Tip-Top Health

Teachers rigorously clean every toy, learning tool, and surface throughout the day. For peace of mind, air purifiers double down on protection as they remove any microbes and toxins from the air, leaving their classroom a haven of great health.

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