Please read through carefully for our safety requirements during this time

Temperature checks

Take your and your child's temperature before you leave home. If you or your child has a temperature above 99.0 degrees, do not come to school. Additionally, Kids World will take temperatures at the temperature stations before student entry. Even though you may have had a temperature check at home below 99.0, if you child's temperature reads 99.0 degrees or above at the temperature stations, they will not be allowed entry and must remain with you. We will use the degree that is read on our thermometers.

Do not medicate your child prior to them attending school. Temperature checks will be taken periodically throughout the day. If your child has a temperature above 99.0, you will be called to pick up within 30 minutes. Finding out that your child was medicated and sent to camp is grounds for dismissal.

Safety: If you child has traveled internationally, they cannot attend school for 10 days. If your child or household has been exposed to a positive COVID-19 case, you must notify us immediately, self-quarantine for 10 days, and not attend school.
All teachers and children over the age of 3 will be given a cloth mask to wear each day. Children will not wear masks at meals, naps, or during outside time. Cloth masks will be washed daily by Kids World Learning Center. Outside cloth masks from home are not permitted as we can not guarantee the daily washing of home masks. If you would like your child to wear medical disposal masks, please send 10- 15 per week of care in a Ziplock bag with your child's name.

Kids World Learning Center will adhere strictly to our sick child policy. If your child is exhibiting any symptoms of illness, you will be called to come and pick up your child immediately. If your child is exhibiting any of the following symptoms and you have given your child medicine, DO NOT send your child to school. Children must be symptom-free without medication for 72 hours of any illness.

Kids World Learning Center Sick Policy
To protect the health of all children, you will be called at work or home and we will request that you pick up your child within 30 minutes (due to the severity of illnesses, the time frame for pick up is now 30 minutes or less) if he/she exhibits the following symptoms:

*fever over 99 degrees Fahrenheit
*persistent coughing and/or trouble breathing
*sore throat
*excessive diarrhea for 2 consecutive diapers or toileting (even if they do not soil their clothing)
*vomiting more than typical infant spit-ups
*conjunctivitis (pinkeye) or excessive drainage with swelling of eyes
*persistent complaints of ear or stomach pain
*bleeding other than minor cuts or scrapes
*excessive greenish nasal discharge, indicating possible infection
*head lice
*a combination of any of the above symptoms

Drop off / Pick up

Only send 1 person to drop off and pick up your child to prevent excessive exposure to our program. Children will not be accepted for the day after 9:00 am for childcare and after 8:15 am for Georgia Pre-K. This is a firm time.If you are late picking up your child more than twice per week, your family may be suspended for care the rest of the week.

Procedure: When you arrive at the temperature check, sanitize your hands and your child's hands, wait for temperature check approval, then sign in your child. Parents and guardians are not allowed into any of our buildings. Your child will come into the building, sanitize their shoes, and proceed straight to the sink to wash their hands. When you pick up your child, sanitize your hands, sign them out, and return to appropriate physical distance spot to retrieve your child.

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